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Posted Date 7/04/2024
  • Applicant must be at least eighteen (18) years of age.
  • Applicant must have a valid driver’s license. Applicant must have a safe driving record.  Safe driving record is defined as no more than three (3) serious moving violations and no convictions for DUI within the past five (5) years.  Applicant will subject to a five (5) year motor vehicle records check.  Failure to reveal driving records may be grounds for not hiring or termination after hire.
  • Applicant must pass a Motor Vehicle Division Medical and Vision Screening within ninety (90) days of employment.
  • Applicant must successfully complete a Defensive Driving Course within ninety (90) days of employment.
  • Applicant must successfully complete Customer Service Training within ninety (90) days of employment.
  • Applicant must successfully complete a National Incident Management System (NIMS) Certification IC-700, 800, 100, and 200 within ninety (90) days of hire.
  • Applicant must complete a Health Improvement Patient Portability Act (HIPPA) training within thirty (30) days of employment.
  • Work requirements: Applicant must attend the required hours of annual training required to maintain certifications of an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT).
  • Work Schedule Requirements: Applicant is required to work rotating shifts, weekends, holidays and overtime if necessary.  Must be able to work at assigned stations, including duty station rotations.  Work schedule will vary and will require applicant to work up to twenty-four (24) hours per shift.
  • Work Requirements: Applicant is required to wear self-contained breathing apparatus and personal protective equipment (PPE) weighing up to 100 pounds (dry weight) while preforming firefighter duties which also include handling and grasping of fire hoses and ladders.  PPE’s may weight may increase during wet conditions, particularly if the protective clothing ensemble is wet.  Applicant will be required to work in unstable environments, crawling in hot, smoky buildings to search for victims, climbing ladders in varies weather conditions.
  • Physical Fitness Level for Arduous duty: Arduous duties involve fieldwork requiring high levels of upper and lower body physical strength, endurance, stamina and superior conditioning.  The duties will include demand for extraordinarily strenuous activities with the ability to lift, carry and balance at least 100 pounds (250 pounds with assistance) and the ability to push and pull objects that weigh more than 100 pounds.  Requirements include repeatedly walking, standing, stooping, balancing, reaching, feeling, handling, grasping, running, climbing, hiking, jumping, twisting, bending, lifting and kneeling in uncomfortable positions throughout their shift work.  Duties also include lifting, carrying and pulling hose up to 15 meters in length and up to 4 lengths which may or may not be charged (full of water). 
  • Motor Skills required for duty: Skills involve fieldwork requiring the ability to perform the precise work the job involves such as but not limited to making small movements with their fingers, holding their arms and hands steady.  Good eyesight for driving and for visually monitoring patients, checking pupils, and reading medication labels.  Duties also include good coordination to climb stairs, retrieve equipment and carry patients.  The ability to move around and perform tasks in small areas such as an ambulance.  The duties will also include good hearing is crucial to listen for monitor alarms, emergency signals, and radio transmission.
  • Strong Mental and Critical Thinking skills required for duty: Requires possessing good memory which enables the applicant to remember treatment protocols and how they worked on specific cases. Duties include the ability to focus without interruption for an hour or more, particularly in surroundings with many distractions. Critical thinking skills such as logic, judgment and reasoning are essential, must know how to apply proper care procedures to treat various medical problems.
  • Employment as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) is contingent upon approval of the Medical Director and/or the Emergency Medical Services Coordinator.
  • Must not have had any Disciplinary Measures with any Base Hospital and/or Arizona Department of Health Services – Bureau of EMS within the past three (3) years.



As a FF/EMT, under the supervision of the Shift Supervisor and general supervision of EMS/Fire Program Manager, will provide fire and medical services, to protect life and property of the community.  The FF/EMT will assure safety for Fire and EMS scenes, must have basic knowledge of Incident Command.  Respond to calls for fire, hazmat, rescue operations, performs Basic Life Support (BLS) procedures as per protocol, under the direction of the Medical Control Physician, and other incidents. On fire scenes, the incumbent will lay hose lines, operates nozzles, pump hydrants. Raises and climbs ladders, uses power tools, chain saw, ventilation fans, etc.  Fire encounters include structure protection, brush fires, and wildland fires. The FF/EMT will use extrication power tools to remove trapped patients, airbags to stabilize vehicles, at a motor vehicle accident scene. Required to transfer, lift, and move patients while employing appropriate safety and lifting techniques.  Responds to hazardous materials incidents at an awareness level and responds to other calls for assistance as requested by the public. The FF/EMT will also set up landing zones for incoming flights. The incumbent is responsible for fire incident reports and patient care reports, which must be complete and submitted at end of shift. Completes emergency vehicle “check list” at the beginning of each shift to make sure necessary supplies and equipment are all aboard.  Stock emergency vehicles with needed supplies and keeps it clean.  Inspect assigned emergency response vehicles and equipment daily to ensure efficient operating conditions for readiness. Cleans, maintains, and test all equipment after completion of emergency response operations. Performs minor repairs of apparatus and equipment. Prepare and maintain activity records, providing pertinent information to oncoming field personnel during shift change, review activity reports from previous shift and confer with personnel.  Attends in-service/trainings to ensure minimum standards are met.  Participate in public education programs with the community to promote public safety and health. Attends mandatory program meetings, participates in accomplishing organizational goals and objectives. Completes appropriate continuing education courses in a timely fashion. Exhibits a professional service orientation towards customers and maintains productive working relationships.  Use emergency radio or telephone, does heavy patient lifting, works long hours and variable shifts at assigned stations, including duty station rotations.  Perform minor maintenance on department building and station grounds.  Perform other duties as assigned.


High School Graduation or Equivalent.  High school graduation or equivalent means the applicant has received a high school diploma, General Education Development (GED) equivalency certificate or proficiency certificate from a State or territorial-level Board of Department of Education.

Certification:  Candidates must have a valid Arizona State Certification or International Fire Service Accreditation Congress (IFSAC) as a Firefighter I & II, Arizona State Certification as a Basic Emergency Medical Technician, a Health Care Provider Certification, and a Basic Life Support (BLS) Certification.  NOTE:  Applicants must submit a copy of a valid certification as required.

In addition to meeting the basic requirements above, candidates must have had one year of specialized experience.

Specialized experience is experience working as a Firefighter I-II/Emergency Medical Technician (EMT).  Examples of the type of experience that will be credited are shown above under “Duties and Responsibilities”.

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