Physical Therapy Assistant

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Posted Date 8/20/2020

Physical Therapy Assistant

At least 1 year of previous clinical experience.
Associate's Degree from a school or college approved by the American Physical Therapy Association
Current State of Arizona licensure as a Physical Therapy Assistant
Current BLS certificate or the ability to obtain within 30 days

The Physical Therapy Assistant is a formally educated health care provider, who provides skilled assistance to the Physical Therapist carrying out plans of
care and providing direct treatment in the hospital setting and in the community, home, or field. In addition to direct patient care, the Physical Therapist
Assistant may also perform such functions as patient transport, aide/volunteer supervision, team planning, health promotion/disease prevention activities, community services such as health fair and community education, and hospital committee membership. The incumbent may also be assigned home visits or field duties and must be able to use judgment and function without direct supervision.Provides direct patient care to individuals with physical disabilities and/or functional limitations in a clinic, inpatient, outpatient and/or outreach program/setting

 ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS (include, but not limited to the following)

Develop plan of care for patients with neuromusculoskeletal disorders based on and in collaboration with physician
Assesses patients referred to physical therapy for pain management, physical disability, Diabetic foot problems, and wound care. Independently carries out established treatment plans toward outcome-based short and long-term goals. Communicates verbally and in writing progress or lack thereof to the assigned therapist and suggests appropriate changes to plans and goals based on patient response to treatment. Communicates verbally and in writing to physician provider and other involved health care workers who have a need to know regarding patient progress or lack thereof. Writes concise, informative, legible progress notes in correct format directly in the patient's chart. Recommends changes in the plan of care and/or treatment based on the assessment and/or progress towards established goals.
Monitors vital signs, recognizes changes in patient status, and uses independent judgment to discontinue a procedure or therapeutic exercise as indicated. Notifies the therapist and/or physician provider of changes in patient status and responds immediately and appropriately to potentially life-threatening events.
Administers neuromusculoskeletal assessment and treatment and carries out therapeutic programs for patients with a wide variety of neuromusculoskeletal diagnoses that impair function and result in pain.
Provides independent treatment of wounds including whirlpool and/or irrigation, non-surgical debridement, and dressing changes. Follows standard precautions and uses sterile technique during all procedures.
Administers treatment to geriatric/mature adults (age 50 and older) and provides patient/family education for geriatric wellness/rehabilitation including activities of daily living, gaiting and other mobility issues, balance/coordination activities, cognitive issues, extremity function, life-long fitness/quality of life issues.
Independently carries out plans of care and provides direct treatment for pediatrics (newborn to 21) and provides patient/family education on pediatric wellness and rehabilitation including activities of daily living, gaiting and other mobility issues, balance and coordination activities, cognitive issues, and extremity function. Assists the therapist with splinting and bracing, seating systems and other adaptive technology, and neurodevelopmental techniques and activities.
Provides comprehensive gait training including proper use of crutches, canes, walkers, and assistive appliances (braces, artificial limbs, and supports); ensures correct fit of all assistive devices and appliances.
Fits orthosis to patients and makes adjustments as indicated. Provides patient/family education about foot care, orthoses care, and selection of appropriate protective, supportive shoes.
Trains patients and their families to carry out home programs of exercise and activities of daily living based on patient and/or family needs and the home environment. Provides pre-operative instructions according to established protocols. Provides instructions for established health promotion/disease prevention programs including diabetic foot care & shoe selection guidelines.
Completes and keeps current (with appropriate signature verification) a competency check list for all physical therapy modalities, therapeutic exercise programs, procedures, and equipment in the Physical Therapy Department.
Keeps professional knowledge, skills, and abilities current by participating in continuing physical therapy education sponsored by accredited programs, by participating in departmental and hospital in-service presentations, and by documented self-study.
Documents continued skills training in therapeutic exercise techniques, wound care and sterile technique, and modalities including hydrotherapy, dry and moist heat, deep heat (ultrasound and diathermy), cryotherapy, electrotherapy, and massage.




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