Indigent Legal Services Counsel - $92,356-$115,445

Gila County Government | Globe, AZ

Posted Date 7/18/2022

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Indigent Legal Services Counsel - Legal Services - $92,356-$115,445 Annually DOE

Globe, AZ - Full Time

  • The purpose of this position is to oversee the procurement process for indigent services contracts for Gila County in accordance with Arizona Law and monitor compliance of approximately twenty-five contracted attorneys with their contractual obligations. Counsel for Indigent Legal Services is responsible for the overall operations, administrative functions, process, staff, and budget for the Office.

Supervisory Responsibilities

  • Regularly assigns work to contracted legal services providers and monitors related activities.
  • Manages and monitors contracted legal services providers. Oversees discharging contracted legal services providers, disciplinary actions of contracted legal services providers, hiring contracted legal services providers, handling contracted legal services providers grievances, coaching of contracted legal services providers, training of contracted legal services providers, evaluating contracted legal services providers performance, and scheduling work hours of contacted legal services providers.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Procures legal services including legal counsel, investigators and/or experts as deemed necessary and appropriate for the provision of court appointed legal services in accordance with Arizona Law.
  • Oversees all activities related to the provision of indigent legal services pursuant to statutory and constitutional requirements; formulates office policies and procedures; monitors case assignments to provide equity among contracted counsel for each area of representation.
  • Appears in court, represents clients at scheduled hearings and trials, presents oral arguments as appropriate in support of clients’ legal interests; discusses and presents the analysis of legal issues to clients, court personnel and related individuals; communicates with clients, opposing counsel and co-workers.
  • Facilitates case preparation, legal analysis, trial strategy, ethical considerations, and coordinates legal support staff; interviews and confers with witnesses and oversees the issuance of subpoenas; advises law enforcement agencies; prepares cases for trial; negotiates plea agreements with opposing counsel. Conducts legal research; gathers and complies evidence; identifies records and other information required to present the case; prepares and presents memoranda of law, briefs and other legal documents as required and ordered by the court.
  • Observes court hearings to monitor and evaluate the performance of contracted counsel, reviews briefs, motions, and memoranda and/or case files as needed and determines whether to approve the appointment of experts and/or private investigator(s) upon request by contracted counsel.
  • Assures the appropriate creation, maintenance, dissemination and disposition of manual and computer-based records of case and office activities, as required by law, rule, regulation or technical standards of the courts, the County and other State and Federal agencies; assures maintenance of appropriate security and confidentiality of materials and information encountered or created by staff in the course of assigned duties.

Minimum Education Required 

  • Juris Doctorate degree.

Minimum Years of Directly Related Experience Required

  • Ten years' experience in criminal trial practice, including three years supervisory experience.

Professional Credentials Required

  • Must possess and maintain a valid Driver's License.
  • Must be licensed by the Bar to practice law in the State of Arizona, remain active with all Arizona Bar annual requirements, and maintain a clear criminal record.

Gila County Employment:

Salary92356.00 - 115445.00 Annual

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