Mill Operator


Posted Date 1/12/2023

Plant/Mill Operators


participates in the process of crushing, grinding, flotation, regrind, filter plant monitoring and tailings to ensure successful operation of the Concentrator Mill.


Crusher tasks include:

  • Reviews turnover with operator from previous shifts.
  • Completes pre-op inspection of work area and attends safety meeting.
  • Monitors computers, communicates with maintenance on valve/gauge operations and delivers recordings to main hub.
  • Controls lights on track hopper
  • Communicates with CBRY on train timing.
  • Completes operation inspection during shift to determine if equipment needs attending, and if rock needs breaking.
  • Notifies Crusher Helper regarding any equipment issues or concerns.

Grinding tasks include:

  • Attends safety meeting and receives turnover from pervious shift.
  • Observes to make sure fire extinguishers are up to date on inspections, eye wash stations are functioning, and solution sprays are working properly.
  • Submits all work orders and inspection sheets.
  • Cleans up all spillage.
  • Inspects loader, lead end of sack for leaks, inside decks, idlers, pulley guards and crusher deck.
  • Weighs out samples and provides data to Control Room Operator.

Flotation tasks include:

  • Obtains turnover measurements from previous shift.
  • Adds or remove agents to solution.
  • Measures alkalinity of solution.
  • Records data, monitors cycle time and repeats every two hours.

Regrind tasks include:

  • Attends safety meeting and receives turnover from pervious shift.
  • Checks and starts portable compressor for proper functioning.
  • Connects water hose to opposite end of pipe to flush lines.
  • Gathers and records slurry sample, underflow sample, overflow sample, final con and first cleaner sample.
  • Opens gate to feed dry lime if lime slaker is low.
  • Tags out samples for analysis to be done.
  • Reports data to supervisor.

Filter Plant tasks include:

  • Conducts inspection of eye wash stations and fire extinguishers,
  • Observes equipment functioning at conveyor
  • Retrieves and shakes concentrate sample using Marcy cup to measure, weigh and record.
  • Inspects chutes for build-up and Fargo grease system from previous shift.


Salary20.00 - 24.00 Hour

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