San Carlos Apache Healthcare Corporation | Peridot, AZ

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Posted Date 7/21/2020


- One year of Groundskeeper and/or laborer experience, preferred

- High School Diploma or GED equivalent

- Current and valid driver’s license

The Groundskeeper is responsible for general maintenance and upkeep of the grounds. This position requires a degree of manual skill and physical effort. In addition, this position requires the use of hand tools and power tools including (but not limited to): lawn mowers (push or riding), rakes, axes, shovels, chain saws, hand buffers, hatchets, saws, hand tampers, and jackhammers. Work is performed both indoors and outdoors in all types of weather

Essential Functions

- Maintains lawns, trees, bushes and shrubbery.

- Maintains refuse, and occasionally handles hazardous waste with the use of protective equipment.

- Assists the maintenance crew in tasks such as: plumbing, carpentry, pipefitting, electrical and the construction or demolition of walls, using various types of electrical or manual tools.

- Performs preventative maintenance on equipment, and directs any issues to supervisors for corrective action.

- Lifts and/or moves heavy objects, often weighing 100 pounds or more, by hand or by dolly. Opens crates or boxes using crowbars or shears. Stacks supplies and materials where directed.

- Digs ditches and trenches, performs grading and sloping, and fills and levels holes.

- Breaks up pavement or other hard surfaces.

- Removes snow/ice from walkways around the premises.

- Drives vehicles such as: ½ ton, to ¾ ton truck, 5 ton dump truck, front end loader, and back hoe.




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